Tours from Barcelona to Lourdes

Why not taking the opportunity of visiting Barcelona to spend a few days in Lourdes (and the Pyrenees)?

You’re starting or ending your cruise in Barcelona and are looking for a way to spend some time in Lourdes? Barcelona, the remarkable and vibrant Catalonian capital city, is not that far from Lourdes, one of the world’s most popular catholic places of pilgrimage.

Like any of our services, this tour is private and arranged on request. Our basic consists of a 3-day tour which provides a scenic drive through the Pyrenees mountains, a guided walking tour in Lourdes, a free day for you to enjoy the Sanctuary at your own pace and the drive back to Barcelona, with a stopover in Carcassonne, to visit the astonishing Walled Medieval Town, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On board of one of our modern and comfortable MPV car, enjoy a smooth and arranged private tour to Lourdes while in Barcelona, from 625 Euros per person (this rate only includes our services, that means transportation and guided tours – you would have to take care of your accommodation in Lourdes).

This 3-day trip is a basic offer which can be customized on request by adding, for instance, an extra day for experiencing our breath-taking Pyrenees mountains!

Feel free to email us for more information! Please, remember that for sending our suggestion along with pricing, we will always need to know the day and time of the trip as well as the number of persons and luggage to carry. Without this information, we will not be able to process your request. Thanks for your comprehension.