Religious Tours

Lourdes is unquestionably one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the world for Catholic people. Visiting Lourdes is a must for Catholic people, but many other shrines can be added to a visit to Lourdes. On the other side of the Pyrenees, the Spanish pilgrimage destinations of Zaragoza with the Basilica of El Pilar, Torreciudad known as the Sanctuary of the Families set in a beautiful natural environment, with great landscape views over the Grado Lake and the Pyrenees; and Montserrat (a characteristic Marian destination which is not only a sanctuary, but a monastery and a mountain at the same time) can be additional stops on a Marian Tour in between France and Spain.

Fátima, in Portugal is also a great place of Catholic pilgrimages, if you plan to visit both Lourdes and Fátima, we can assist you on your organization of that trip.

In France, Nevers is a pilgrimage destination totally linked to the city of Lourdes, as it is where St Bernadette ends her life. We also can assist you to plan your trip to Nevers or other places of Catholic pilgrimages in France.