Bagnères de Bigorre and the valley of Campan, the Aspin pass and Payolle

Tour runs from April to November


At the source of the
Adour river

We’re on our way to the heart of the high valley of the Adour river. The names: Payolle and the Aspin pass, Bagnères de Bigorre, and the Campan Valley all evoke the luscious green scenes and pastoral landscapes of the source of the Adour. Here you’ll discover the tradition, heritage, and high summits that reflect the identity of the Bigorre region.

We’ll be heading east after our departure from Lourdes. Direction…? Bagnères de Bigorre, the picturesque and animated town, also renowned for its thermal spas and resorts and famous since the Roman times. By going upriver along the Adour, we’ll reach Campan, famous for its Mounaques, a sort of life-sized doll. These dolls are made out of cloth and are often dressed in traditional regional costumes. They are often placed along the roads and serve as a symbol of the High Bigorre region. We’ll continue towards Sainte-Marie de Campan, intersection of the Tour de France Giants: the Aspin and the Tourmalet passes. By way of the Aspin pass we will arrive at the charming tourist stop of Payolle, a large grazing area, where families can enjoy many outdoor activities in the summer as well as the winter. The Payolle Lake curves around a pine forest bringing you to the imposing silhouette of the Pic du Midi. Another charming section through which the second part snakes, the lush green area of the Aspin pass. Around the corners, you are likely to come across a herd of cows. At a height of 1,489 meters, the panorama at the pass is expansive. The harmonious arrangement of the mountains and the contrast between the snowy peaks and vibrant forests will leave a lasting impression.




5 hours.


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